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Thursday, February 22, 2018


Pomecare Labs was started by three friends sharing an obsession of finding a remedy for the most dreaded disease affecting pomegranate  -  Xanthomonas Axonopodis pv Punicae commonly known as bacterial blight or oily spot disease.

1.     The team members are : 

Manoj Harit, aged 40, a law graduate from Govt Law College, Mumbai,  textile entrepreneur having about 65 acres of fertile farm land with 28 Acres of Pomegranate orchard in it. In spite of academic and business interests agriculture is his passion. A very progressive farmer, he ventured for new fruit crops and new methods of farming rather than the traditional one. In this pursuit of excellence in farming he had several experiments with grapes, lime, sweet lime, oranges, mangoes, custard apples, ramphal, chikoo, amla, coconut, guava, musk melon, water melon, onions, chilies, okra, bitter guard, cucumber, bottle guard, sweet corn, corn, wheat, millet, jowar, gram, pulses, groundnut etc. But the most promising amongst all these was Pomegranate. So the interest and focus naturally shifted to pomegranates.


Vishalsinh Thakore, aged 41, science graduate having about 80 acres of fertile farmland which comprises of 18 acres of Pomegranate Plantations. Being a son of a Doctor, everybody wished him to follow in his father’s footsteps. But he had other dreams and passions towards agriculture. He wanted to change the way farming was being done from ages in a Thakore Family. Instead of relying upon the lazy farming of sugarcane, wholly dependent upon a battalion of labourers, he wanted to toil personally in his own farm and prove farming to be an equivalent career option.


Ravindar Ostwal, aged 39, a production engineer (B.E.), heading a 41 year old agricultural inputs organization. Since his inception in the business, he has been a friend, philosopher and guide to the farmers. He has endeavored to keep utmost ethical values by providing guanine quality inputs, by taking into consideration needs and hardships of the farmers. The trust he inspires amongst fellow traders and farmers is exemplary. In his entrepreneurial quest, he has been instrumental in setting up of a cotton ginning unit, building material supply business and manufacturing of pipes etc. 

Training to Farmers

PomeCare Labs is an organisation established by Farmers and are working with fellow farmers in Karnataka & Maharashtra. PomeCare Labs team trains farmers on a range of techniques for better farm management & also training them on ICT tools.

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Audit & Analysis of Land, Crop & Plantation

PomeCare Labs is an agricultural services company providing a range of services to farmers, agriculture land owners. PomeCare Labs also offers a range of products for agriculture products, farm and plantation diseases.

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Agriculture Produce Export & Selling

PomeCare Labs provides ancillary services to farmers by assisting them in selling their produce directly to the end consumers. This reduces dependency of farmers on middlemen and helps them get better prices for their produce.

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ICT Services for Farmers

PomeCare Labs team trains farmers on using ICT services & solutions. PomeCare Labs is an organisation established by Farmers and are working with fellow farmers in Karnataka & Maharashtra.

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Regd Add:A/p Devarpada,Tal.Malegaon,
Dist,Nashik(MH)-423 203.
Off : 1523,Old Agra Road,malegaon,Dist.
Nashik (MH)-423 203
Ph: 02554 -230671,
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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