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We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Vision, Mission, Values

Malegaon falls in rain fed area with almost no irrigation facilities. The farmers of this region had been very experimental for settling with a consistent crop pattern. So the farmers are very hard working, innovative and open to new crops and opportunities in farming. After the reduction in acreages of sugarcane & grapes due to water scarcity and adverse climatic conditions, pomegranate came out to be the most promising and suitable fruit crop in this region. The lives of pomegranate farmers underwent a dramatic change due to exceptional monetary gains derived from high maintenance pomegranate crop. But since last 4 – 5 years, the earnings took a dip due to the devastating effect of the dreadful disease, Bacterial Blight. To overcome this, the farmers tried many other fruit crops but none of them matched the economics and gains of pomegranate. So the farmers again turned towards pomegranate in spite of the fear of devastating Bacterial Blight, hoping against hope that a remedy would be made available to them. Hence the search started from Agricultural Universities, Govt. Organizations to agrochemical manufacturers to agriculture experts to self proclaimed uneducated non technical so called agricultural guides / “doctors”. Here started the exploitation & the loot of pomegranate farmers. Playing on his acute problem and insecurities, all kinds of fly by night operators minted money out of the pomegranate farmers.

Deeply anguished by the plight and dire state of affairs of the pomegranate farmers, PomeCare Labs was conceived and formed with a vision of providing a holistic and proper solution at a reasonable cost, so that the most favored crop regains its’ lost glory and continues to help improve the lives of  farmers.

Vision -  To ease the life of the farmers by providing them essential products and services. 

Mission -  Endeavor to   

A} Educate farmers with proper and scientific farming practices.

B} Reduce the cost of production and enhance the returns.

C} Promote bio safe and eco friendly farming practices.

D} Identify and provide solutions to various problems.

E} Make technology affordable to the marginal farmers.

F} Create a mechanism for better post harvest management.

G} To bring all the pomegranate farmers on a common platform.

H} To establish PomeCare Labs as a media between farmers and researchers. 

Values -  PomeCare Labs shall always abide by utmost ethical, fair and genuine business practices dedicated to the interests and betterment of the farmers. It shall strive hard to become synonym to quality and innovation.     

Training to Farmers

PomeCare Labs is an organisation established by Farmers and are working with fellow farmers in Karnataka & Maharashtra. PomeCare Labs team trains farmers on a range of techniques for better farm management & also training them on ICT tools.

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Audit & Analysis of Land, Crop & Plantation

PomeCare Labs is an agricultural services company providing a range of services to farmers, agriculture land owners. PomeCare Labs also offers a range of products for agriculture products, farm and plantation diseases.

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Agriculture Produce Export & Selling

PomeCare Labs provides ancillary services to farmers by assisting them in selling their produce directly to the end consumers. This reduces dependency of farmers on middlemen and helps them get better prices for their produce.

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ICT Services for Farmers

PomeCare Labs team trains farmers on using ICT services & solutions. PomeCare Labs is an organisation established by Farmers and are working with fellow farmers in Karnataka & Maharashtra.

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